Sch a sound i heard by Deimantas


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Clouds were rustling in the sky silently and trees with rustling leaves,The cars in the highway is swoosh across the road making weird noises in my ears. The roaring cars sounded like bursting fire.such a sound i heard.

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+ I really enjoyed your last line, the idea of ‘bursting fire’ really gives me the sound of an american v8 engine.

? Where did you get your inspiration from?

-> Remember to read your piece out loud before posting, just to make sure it makes complete sense.

well done Deimantas i really loved what you put for your sents and also good decripon from kira b

I love the idea of clouds ‘rustling’ in a silent sky. As I look out of my window I can almost hear them making a rustling noise as they cross the blue sky. Your poetry really encourages the reader to use his/her imagionation. Well done.

What school are you from?

-Nice, I like your opening also when you say roaring cars sounded like bursting fire
? What could you do to make it even better?
Nice description

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