Such a wonderful place


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Once upon a wonderful day,

Starting in a farm and picking up hay,

I found a portal in the hen,

It says it is a hidden ,magical den.

I wondered inside to see what was there,

There was no government or there is no mair.

It looked like a secret garden belonging to the Queen,

It looked so wonderful so I was sertenly  keen..

There was Roses ,Tulps some Lilly’s.

It belonged to a clean girl called billy.

I looked like a mess and so different to be sure,

A second later I knocked on a door.

Isaac Newtons Amazing Discovery


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The amazing discovery came from a mastermind, Isaac Newton. Yesterday he sat under a apple tree. While he was sitting under the apple tree, a ripe apple fell onto his genius head.  Then a couple of seconds after he questioned his self saying… Why did it fall downwards? why didn’t it fly upwards?

Then he suddenly discoverd Gravity .Gravity has the automatic power to bring this that are falling, to ground. Then he looked back to all his other discovery and thought this is his best one.From 12 to 17 years old, Mr Newton was educted in Latain at the kings school in Grant worth . By October 1659 he returned home to Woolworth by cast serworth, and helped his window mother in forming however he HATED HIS JOB.