Biography about Mrs Spot.


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Mrs Spot

Her clothes are never stylish. They always are covered in multi-coloured spots and her handbag is always dull grey. Slowly, every morning Mrs Spot will straighten her long, silky hair. Whilst her husband Mr Spot will go to work as a computer engineer. Rarely Mrs Spot will not have spots on her face, hands and feet.

Such a sound I heard.


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Such a sound I heard,

Loud shouting from a near pub.

Quite sizzling from a nearby barbeque.

Feet rushing from a lake full of lovely, colourful fish.

such a sound I heard.



Diary entry


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Dear diary,

Last week was horrifying!Bombs were dropping from planes and the Syrian was going off.My mother was hurrying me out of bed.The others were in the bomb shelter.It is now morning and we had to be evacuated from home.We all had to be inspected and checked before we were allowed to be put on the train.

The train trip took forever,how could anyone stay on a train for that long.